The Rise of BPO in the Philippines

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BPO in the Philippines:   Great things Start From Small Beginnings

The sudden rise of BPO in the Philippines has created new methods for businesses in and out of the country to increase productivity, cut costs, and simplify key activities. The trend has improved ways in which businesses operate.

The Philippines is a hotbed of talented minds, with superior command of the English language. This is one of the reasons why the western world has suddenly turned its eyes onto this tiny island, which wasn’t even in the BPO map just a decade ago.

Eastwood City, Philippines back in 2004

Back in the early 2000s, the Philippines started to have a few call center companies pop up on some of its major cities. To Filipinos, the call center was a great opportunity to earn at least 50% more than what the average local job would give them.  Especially to fresh graduates who wanted to earn big money, fast. It didn’t matter much if they had to fight sleep deprivation and had to adjust their hours of work to match their account’s office hours.  To them, this was a chance to live a better life, a promising career, and a bright future.

Today, working in the industry is not just an opportunity to earn higher wages or to have a good career. It has become a way of life. It’s hard to fathom how far the BPO industry has come. Universities and colleges even offer call center training courses to better prepare aspiring call center agents. Now, not only major cities house call centers and other outsourcing firms, even smaller cities and far-off provinces generate a steady stream of BPO companies.

We’ve seen small business hubs rise to become large commercial districts because of the BPO boom in the Philippines. Take Eastwood City for example – back in 2004, it was merely composed of a couple of buildings, a huge parking lot, and a small convenience store; now, it’s a compact mega district, housing countless BPOs, condominiums, malls, entertainment centers, a church, and pretty much anything that you’d find in an actual city. Local businesses strive because of the sudden influx in BPO workers in the area, which contributed to the tiny district’s blitz-like growth.

Eastwood City Today

The sudden boom with BPO in the Philippines also gave birth to new processes being outsourced in the country. If it was three years ago, when you say BPO, it only meant call centers. Today, BPO is an entire ecosystem of processes from Data Entry, to Content Management, to Offshore Accounting, to Outsourced Recruitment, and many more. At present, when you say BPO, you are talking about everything that makes any business tick.

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