India BPOs Jumping Ship?

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Is India Really Losing? Or Are they Just Seeing Dollar Signs in the Philippines’ BPO Scene?

The Philippine BPO industry has become an unstoppable force globally. In the past year alone, revenue generated from call centers and other outsourced channels rocketed from 2010′s $2.8 Billion to $11 Billion in 2011. Although India’s generated $16 Billion revenue still outweighs the Philippines’ 2011 output, the rate at which the South East Asian Nation’s BPO industry has climbed is surreal.  At the pace they’re going, it won’t be a surprise if the tiny island overtakes the current BPO giant in less than a year.

Several factors are evident to the sudden shift of strength in the BPO industry:

  • As stated now and again, accent has played an important role and this time not only US accounts favor the Filipinos’ blend of English, but also UK and European accounts.
  • Government support for Philippine based BPOs has continued to grow as both revenue and potential continue to soar.
  • Fresh graduates in the Philippines have shown high regard for BPO jobs thus producing an incredible number of outsourced workers- numbering at 416,000 which actually dominates India’s meager 90,000.

In response to the sudden rise in demand for Philippine talent, even India’s top BPO firms have decided to set up shop in the Philippines. HCL Technologies, WNS, Genpact, Infosys, Aegis, Wipro, and Hinduja Global Solutions are but a few of India’s best and biggest BPO companies who have decided to open their doors to Filipinos.

This rapid upturn of demand has not yielded India from producing quality services to its global clients. They remain the leader in non-voice accounts because of superior IT and Engineering talents.

Apparently, Indian BPO companies have not closed any of their doors in the mainland, but have just expanded their offices in the Philippines in order to generate income from both countries. This is good news for both economies since demand has not decreased for each country but valuations has targeted distinct potentials for either nation; voice and data entry accounts for the Philippines, while IT and Engineering accounts for India.

So its a win-win situation for both India and the Philippines.

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