Data Privacy Act of 2012

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The Philippine Government Approves Data Privacy Act

Last July, President Aquino signed the Data Privacy Act of 2012 which serves the purpose of protecting personal information shared and/or acquired through communication systems like the internet. The new law aims to protect the fundamental human right of privacy while still ensuring free flow of information with the goal of innovation and growth still in high priority. Republic Act 10173 safeguards any and all data gathered through all forms of information and communications systems, may they be data sent, received, and stored in any format.

The law calls for the creation of a National Privacy Commission to oversee compliance from both private and public organizations with the national standards of data protection. They shall receive complaints, institute investigations, facilitate settlements, adjudicate, award indemnity on matters affecting personal information, prepare and publicize reports, and act on all matters concerning protection of data.

Data Privacy Act of 2012 promotes transparency and legitimacy during any exchange of data. It encourages accuracy in gathering information and clarifies any purpose for which the data gathered shall be used for. The new law also requires data collectors to retain any received data for only as long as it is necessary to the fulfillment of the purpose of the exchange. It is explicitly declared in the act that any data requested must be duly necessary to the fulfillment of a contract between two parties, and that the process is vital to the interests of the sending party.

RA 10173 is a powerful new tool to supplant malicious intent amongst businesses and private individuals. It promotes good business practices and encourages growth aided by good intentions and clear communication. The BPO industry will greatly benefit from the new law because safeguarded information is vital to success.

The Philippines has been implementing ways to promote the country’s well-structured BPO industry and the Data Privacy Act of 2012 would surely generate more investors because as we all know, businesses rely on good secure data.

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